December 7, 2021

Diane Bandy -Wexford, PA

Diane Bandy from Wexford, PA is a hater and piece of S H I T who belongs on the S H I T Report.

This entitled narcissist despises her parents, because they wouldn’t buy her everything she wanted, when she was a kid. Thus is why she is a compulsive hoarder now. Her hoarding is so bad, that it caused a fire in her old house. Months later, her husband had to move them into another house, in Wexford, PA. Now, she is in her new house, ruining that place too, with her hoarding and laziness.

Diane uses her doctor husband as an ATM, while she travels the world alone, or with her gay friends. Diane dresses gaudy and sports big d**k-sucking lips to appeal to her gay and tranny friends from the local gay bar that she often frequents. She hangs out with gay men, because even though they are gay, they are still MEN! They are men who workout, look good, and take care of themselves. Diane would rather look at gay white men all night, than her Asian husband, whom she really isn’t attracted to. She is only attracted to his wallet.

This Diane sow HATES mothers and their children. She harasses mothers in shopping malls when she sees children’s masks coming off. To be honest, Diane does not care about masks or any virus. She certainly does not care about your child neither, and wishes it was dead, because it’s in her way, while she’s shopping, spending her husband’s money. Diane Bandy does not want to see, hear, or smell your children when she is doing her beloved shopping. Your children are nothing but diseased crotch fruit, to her. This entitled, selfish b***h does not want to share her shopping mall with mothers, children, blacks, or poor white trash.

Diane also feels the same way about flying too. She doesn’t want kids or poor people on airplanes traveling, being in her way, while she goes to exotic places. Diane makes videos on YouTube constantly complaining about children. She feels that the world is overpopulated. She says that life is not worth living. But she doesn’t want to die, herself. No, she wants YOU to die! And she wants you to take your rotten crotch dumplings with you. Diane is a selfish hypocrite. She says she hates life, but in reality, she LOVES life and she LOVES traveling and living life to the fullest. Diane just doesn’t want you or your children in her life, because you are in her way!

Diane hates babies, children, mothers, police, veterans, ghetto blacks, people from Pittsburgh, trailer trash, conservatives…etc. She is very jealous of veterans and hates it when people make a fuss over veterans on Veterans Day. Diane doesn’t like seeing “uneducated” veterans being treated like heroes.

The real reason why Diane hates the virus, is because people were being paid stimulus checks and were out of work, during lockdown. Diane actually had the nerve to complain that people got money for doing nothing, when she has made doing nothing and sponging off her husband her career! In her eyes, everyone has to get up and go to work, except for her.

This tramp also tries to be this posh education snob, but will cry and moan if you point out the fact that her art degree is useless. Even after 40 years, this stupid cow is STILL crying because her father wanted to buy a sports car for himself and did not want to fork out the funds to pay for her worthless college education. All this s***t wanted to do was take various art classes for fun, fu🍆k boys, have fun, and she expected her parents to pay for it all. It isn’t that her useless college degree had ever gotten her a good paying job. This parasite never really worked after she got married. All she does is live off her husband, hoards dogs and material possessions, and she harasses other people, for fun. This lowlife loser is a waste! What a subhuman piece of ratshit!

Here is her YouTube channel. It’s obvious this stupid b***h has mental problems. See how low and pathetic this attention wh0re is:

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