January 24, 2022

RIP Bob Faget I mean Saget!

He would’ve been nice person to meet since I’m a famous actor who is a fan of his work! Wowzies the man really did commit suicide in his Ritz Carlton room. Like mental health is really a real thing. He is a white person with money and he could’ve gotten helped for his mental illness. There was no
Need for Bob Saget to take his life out! He had too much of Talent. Like Full House and America’s Most Funniest Videos to name of few of the work that he has done! I’m quite sure that many had an amazing soul. He will be Miss most by his husband and the fans like me, my wife Emily Preibus, my whole film community , nah F**k it the whole entertainment industry and our Presbyterian Jesus Nut Friends and My coworkers at LSU. Like we really did lose a legend to suicide! RIP Bob Saget! 🇺🇸

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