January 24, 2022

*Rich Chilleri VERIFIED Domestic Abuser, Austin TX

Charles Richard Chilleri has criminal record for domestic abuse and drug using. Rich Chilleri is a person who is not to be trusted. He impeded the breathing of the woman he domestically abused and she had to escape him. Ask Rich about it and he will lie through his teeth and make up lies claiming someone just made it all up (Even though he was convicted of it).

Rich Chilleri was caught lying and stealing money as well. This guy is a no good crook. No matter what lies Rich tries to tell people about himself the fact is he is a domestic abusing, drug abusing fool. The thing is he will manipulate people and put on an act to gain their trust.

You can even tell by the way he looks he is a burnt out druggie. He tries to make himself out to be some kind of golf guy in order to fit in with higher class people. Rich is a narcissist who wants deeply to be accepted by people who are in higher income brackets. He doesn’t care who he has to screw over to make himself look good or who he has to throw under the bus as long as he is accepted. This is where his manipulation comes in.

The thing is what Rich Chilleri doesn’t show those people is how violent and belligerent he gets when he is on drugs.

Rich Chilleri will lie, cheat, use people and do whatever he can to be perceived a certain way. The REALITY is he is a drug using, woman abusing lowlife. Look at his psycho stare in that mugshot from when he was arrested.

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