January 24, 2022

Mista Marcel Shihadeh the wannabe up and coming actors who is only famous because when you search his name on Google it shows that he is an actor

Mista Marcel Shihadeh the F*****g drink alcoholic who is immature that can’t handle his own responsibilities. The only reason he is with that Emily Preibus tiktok model is because he is grown a*s man who hasn’t mature enough to be around grown ups so he has to be with college hoes to full F**k his fantasies of never being able to fit in because everyone at his high school Baton Rouge High though he was a pedophile and some people literally Low key no high key bullied him into dropping out of high school like the weak a*s m**********r he is. His whole enemy was bullied for being biracial and rape with being a teen mom who had an abortion because she didn’t want to carry her rapist baby he was he pimp and he was the one that turn on into s*x life Jonathan Jeff is a rapist he likes 14 year old girls I’m not drunk writing this murder confession but my ex was the one who kill and was part of that that 14 year old girl murder who was in New Orleans that went to McMain high the same high school I went to and was known to have s*x clubs with minors, who meet there men online and the teaches ain’t said s**t in the 2000s but it’s 2022 none of the teaches are still at McMain when I was there, but Marcel Shihadeh is exactly like Jonathan Dean Jeff the rapist go look him up he is Gruelsome_Ghoul on Instagram: I would’ve be this f**k up in the head if I wasn’t turn onto to all types of s**t. Anyways Marcel Shihadeh is a perverted b*****d who was tease to the death in Baton Rouge High he always felt like he needed to fit in. Sooo he has to hangout at college parties everyday knowing he is approaching 30 in 3 years! He doesn’t care he loves to get innocent women like Emilye Preibus to put up with most of his s**t as well as she is a very pretty basic pumpkin spice white b***h who is rich and has access to all of the LSU college parties and she can’t get him into any Tigerland bar for free which I couldn’t. The only thing I could offer to him was I know every plug in Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, BK, BX, and Miami and my money from my sugar daddies and p**n and my up and coming social media status jump because all of the sudden I got down to 140 pounds and everyone in P**n wants to work with me because of a Twitter I’ve just did with a famous Black Pornstar. I’m not rich. That man thought I was pretty which all of the sudden my name is finally getting notice in p**n after being in the game for 15 years. I did p**n at 14! I’m turning 35 on Taurus/Gemini season! Soo he likes little girls who wants to play his game with him of being a stupid b***h to fool to pull the wool over. He isn’t over college or high school parties or even much that lifestyle to want to be with a grown women. Most grown women are over the college scene he is 27 and can’t get enough of beer kegs and 32a cups like his soon to be wife Emily Preibus. I hope that he take his acting money to go buy his wife Emily Preibus lip fillers, t**s and an a bbl. She looks like my 15 year old daughter. If my oldest was still living then he would have been the same age as her. He would’ve been turning 21 on June 28th I still remember that date when I lost my child then to turn around to be not only ghosted while being pregnant in 2019, but to have a diabetic seizure to fall down a flight of stairs to be told I’m sorry for your lost as you wake up in the hospital to gain consciousness. How the f**k do you think I feel after all these years. Therapy didn’t do s**t for me. I just want my closer which I know I will never get. Marcel Shihadeh could care less about me. He never care about me when I was cool with him. I shouldn’t even much said cool with him. I always his enemy, I always felt like he was coming at me sideways like the way he claim I was with him. I’m from the hood, I don’t trust anyone especially white peoples. He made me hate white peoples. I truly do hate white peoples. I only want to be bothered with white peoples because o want a light skin baby and I know that white men have money and I can get me a car or any type of opportunity from a white guy if I be submissive to his commands. I’m not stupid. Marcel Shihadeh play me because I never came across someone like him. I’ve never been friends with people I’ve so called dated or been in situationships. I usually make it official the first night I start dating them then I have s*x then with in 3 months I have an engagement ring then in 6-9 months I’m broken up then I’m back with them for 3-6 more months with the engagement ring, but no wedding then the next year officially broken up. That is how all my relationships have been since I was 11 years old. I was proposed to by an 18 year old man at 11 years old but my momma wasn’t having it. She let me married at 16 with her consent in the 2000s. Being in a common law marriage isn’t worth it if you’re in Texas or anywhere else you can’t file for s**t! You only get money in common law divorces In Louisiana which I did that s**t and I’m still not happy from the rapist! Yeah I was married to the rapist because I was the b***h who brought the most money in because I was pretty! But he always acknowledge the ex besties that why I set that b***h up to get aids from that pimp! That b***h will not take what belongs to me! I don’t play when it comes to my men and what men I want! What men are attractive to me! I will kill a whole b***h over a man. I’ve gone to jail many times fighting and trying to kill b*****s over men. Marcel Shihadeh is worth me going to jail for. I have no problem if I ever come across his b***h Emily Preibus. I will stab her or shoot her on site just because of her husband Marcel Shihadeh bringing out my triggers fr with in. Marcel Shihadeh is a pedophile who never grown up from high school that is the only reason why Emily Preibus has won him for life because she is the b***h who is easiest to control and the rest of the hoes won’t put up with his s**t or tolerated getting disrespected around the clock like her as well as she has money and know where all of the hot college spots for him to find other b*****s for him to cheat on behind her back. Emily Preibus is a dumb b***h just setting Marcel Shihadeh up to flirt and get other blonde b*****s behind her back. She is so stupith that she can’t even much tell that his friends and family are all in on it that they know Marcel Shihadeh is cheating on her and his s*x addictions and other s**t he has failed to tell her even much the b***h he has ghosted while she was pregnant with his kid. But emily preibus get to have a happy and peaceful pregnancy without being ghosted. Oh no. I will curse and do witchcraft on that b*****s life’s she isn’t going to have a plesant pregnancy nor healthy kids not over my dead body she won’t at all. I’m a make sure they’re both suffering when I’m done. F**k their relationship. As far as I’m concerned it’s over with. You have me to deal with! If he didn’t ghosted me while I was pregnant then I will not say anything about his child p**n, his kiddos fetishes, his women of color fetishes, him being a trump supporter, small d**k m**********r, crackhead, alcoholic, sec addict, rapist, misogynistic, xenophobic, transphobic, domestic violence abuser yeah he had hit his girlfriend asked Kathryn wtf he did her, ask Jeanne Rice wtf he did to her as well, obsessed for animal p**n and his love for necromancy! F**k Marcel Shihadeh and his reputation in taking him and everyone down with him. I’m going to healed and I’m going to get justice from him ghosting me while I was pregnant with his kid. If that kid live I would’ve gotten child support and he wouldn’t never seen it.

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