January 24, 2022

Marcel Shihadeh The Actor Who Lied About Growing Up Being Popular. He was in fact bullied for being a weirdo.

Actor Marcel Shihadeh the loser who fake his popularity with everyone he meets. He will tell you that he never was bullied and he was well like by everyone. Marcel Shihadeh is only currently well like by everyone because he is a famous actor and an tiktok influencer as well his enemies fan bases became his fans after a few of his enemies made spam pages after him as well as he is on every gossip blog. Y’all know that negative sell and it get you publicly! If you’re not a controversial mess and Nutt case like him then you wouldn’t get recognized! Yeah If he wasn’t those things I just listed now no one would know of him? Marcel was bullied for acting childish, people though he was weird for acting out parts of movies and commercials that he tried to make into his own little skit. He talked weird and dressed weird. The people at his high all thought he wasn’t the best looking man in the world. Marcel Shihadeh did have facial work done to open his eyes, light lip filling, jar and nose reconstruction, at age 23 he had his second nose job done, he always getting laser surgery to remove acne scars, bags under his eyes, crow feet lines around his eyes, and dark spots. He also had dental surgery done on his teeth to make the straighten to look like he had dentures! He goes to the dentist every two weeks to have his teeth whiten just like his skin! He get his boroc done to his face every month just like he has frozen weight lost treatments from his private surgeon in Miami. Doctor Miami is going to be giving his wife Emily Preibus her 850 CC b**b job after she gives birth to their son in April! Marcel Shihadeh was just like the characters in Euphoria! He used to f**k a lot of hoes in the school. He got caught f*****g this one hoe on the root top of his high school Baton Rouge Magnet High. He had a camera to record everything! Marcel Shihadeh will record having s*x with you without your permission because you sign a dnc! Yes, you can’t even much go around actor Marcel Shihadeh without signing a dnc! To join his college parties where he has the under age girls who are under 19 that are still in high school and even middle school! Everyone has to sign a dnc! The people he tutored has to sign dnc, everyone who enrolled at LSU that take classes with him have to sign dnc. If you sit at the same restaurant with the actor you have to sign a dnc! He really is a famous actor with a s**t ton of money! He lives in a mansion by the LSU lakes as well as him and his girlfriend live in a condo that is in downtownNew Orleans! Marcel Shihadeh and his girlfriend Emily Preibus owns four cars total. He drives a black Tesla! Marcel Shihadeh never grew up poor, but he likes to lie to tell people that he doesn’t have money! If you go Google Marcel Shihadeh then click on his father Eduward Shihadeh and his mother Margeaux Brault you all will see that his parents own five business which totaled over a million dollars. He is a trust fund baby who has access fully to his funds that is why he has fired his last agents for Hollywood agents because he has the money to be like Matt Damon! Marcel Shihadeh net work is $5 million with what he makes doing movies and his kid commercials still aired on the local channels in his hometown Baton Rouge. His father Eduward Shihadeh and his mother Margeaux Brault is $504 million. They own a house in the Hamptons as well as Calabasas. Marcel Shihadeh girlfriend Emily Preibus was just offered to the Summer’s Eve commercial as well as The WalMart commercials because it fits her personality.Emily Preibus really does look like the Great Value version of her cousin Paris Hilton. Emily Preibus is related to The Hiltons, that is how Marcel Shihadeh got his first job as a Bell Hopper Boy before he had made it famous! He was f*****g Emily Preibus since she as 13 years old! The two met at his Presbyterian Church on the LSU campus. He has been grooming her ever since! Everyone in their community knows about it and they don’t care. Louisiana don’t care about statutory rape! They’re more into placing brown and black peoples in jail for weed which they just legalized weed! His enemy is a weed lobbyist who goes around illegal states protesting weed legation that is probably why her p**n doesn’t pop! Maybe if she spend more time out of politics to legalized weed then maybe people be a fan!?!??She did helped legalized Delta 8 in Texas. It’s not that hard to be an actress to explain your case with the benefits of weed and her weight lost journey! That hoe is also behind Colorado legalization of psilocybin mushrooms! She is also pushing for the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms! Who knows with that crazy b***h she might get her wish like the country where most of her family has moved to because drugs are legalized there. Half of her younger side of the family lives in Lisboné! Drugs are legal in Lisboné, Portugal! That country has a safe needles program for junkies where they can trade their needles to get more drugs! This b***h talks about too much of it! I truly do hate the Pornstar Pinky like I hate Marcel Shihadeh! But the only thing me and Marcel Shihadeh is that wanna be black Pornstar Pinky is both our enemy! We both hate the f*****g broke b*m, stank p***y, loose p***y, she ain’t got no good p***y that is why she can’t keep a man, the hoe can’t suck d**k for s**t that why no man don’t want her and I don’t know how this b***h makes $4000 to $6000 being an escort not a prostitute. She has never stand on the corner in her life. She will tell you that she was in brothels in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and San Antonio and some other places! Some of those people who be in her onlyfans are famous rappers and their producers or their jewelers! The b***h be in these videos! just shaking her a*s! She not even much that pretty so wtf do men see in her? I guess because if all she can offer is p***y then I guess that make them want her. She not even much intelligent, she has a learning disability you can hear it in her voice from the way that she speaks. I can tell that she was one of them special Ed kids who did the “I Can Too” Specials Olympics! That b***h is slow that why she will never be successful in life the b***h is fat, crazy, and dumb! I hope one day that black wanna be Pornstar Pinky kills herself. I’m tired of her posting it on her social media that she wants to die! Miserable b***h! Marcel Shihadeh only thought you were cute because you were the popular b***h of the quad and you look like his little girl fetish in tutus and he wanted you to be his first black girl experience since this b***h brags about being every white man or Arabic or Asian man first black girl. He only wanted that sexual experience with her! She was never his girlfriend like she said she was and yeah he did ghost her while she was pregnant and yes she did had a miscarriage which we all laughed because we thought it was funny when she had a diabetic seizure to fall down the stairs to miscarriage! He treat her just like the way she is a Hoe, f**k her, get her pregnant then ghost her! Only respect the virgins like Emily Preibus who doesn’t know game or Hollywood Soo she enjoys being played like a toy and a fool from everyone including her boyfriend Marcel Shihadeh!Yeah Everyone at Marcel Shihadeh high school Baton Rouge Magnet High thought he was a freak, but in reality people low key hated him because they knew he was going to be a famous actor. They also hated him because he can pull the most prettiest b*****s to sleep with him and to date him except his black enemy. I’m not sorry for saying that wanna be p**n star is very ugly. She is not pretty on the inside nor the outside. It’s ok to have a fall with ugly women, I’m glad he know his lesson to never ever talk to an ugly a*s black Pornstar Pinky! Marcel Shihadeh was bullied for liking kids, he would play childish games with them and he would hooked up with the freshman as he was a senior as well as after he graduated from high school he would date little girls under 18 and he still dates little girls behind his 19 year old girlfriend that he is grooming at his age 27! They both live together in a house and she is pregnant and they’re getting married this summer of this year! He groom her into thinking he is the one. She is the one who is willing to put up with his child p**n fetishes, his blonde obsession of women under 130 pounds, his blonde obsession for little girls, him looking for girls under 19 on his TikTok Marcel_Marcel4 and his Instagram MarcelNoShoesOn as well as he logs into his pregnant girlfriend Emily Preibus TikTok EmSilly1 and her Instagram _EmilyPreibus_ to go find little girls under 19 for them to hookup with! His daddy Eduward Shihadeh is an fbi federal agent who knows his son is a pedophile that grooms minors and he is ok with it just like LSU is ok with him being the Dean of Sociology knowing his son like to not only groom little girls, but he also like to get women pregnant to not take care of his kids as well as ghost them while they were pregnant as well as his son is racist who has a breed kink with black women. He literally ghosted the wanna be black p**n star Pinky for getting pregnant by him and she had a miscarriage. Anyways he made that b***h hate herself, I totally forgot she doesn’t even much go by Pinky anymore because she hates that color now. All she wears is black. His wife Emily Preibus is a pink obsession queen who he have chosen over the Pornstar Pinky which made her always feel some kind of the way. He also made her hare all white folks. Marcel Shihadeh is an arrogant b*****d. He could care less about anyone except his sister Claire Shihadeh and his girlfriend Emily Preibus and cats. Marcel Shihadeh was bullied to the point he drop out of high school. He didn’t even much shown up to his graduation. He has a GED and An Associate Degree! He is currently working on his BA in Film and TV at LSU! He is graduating in 2024! He is obsessed with blonde college girls and hosting college parties with minor at his age 27! He buys his under aged girlfriend Emily Preibus and her friends there alcohol and gets them into every club and party. Emily Preibus is a Zeta or Delta Gamma so he has access to all of the blondes to f**k and the under age ones too! Her sorority knows that she is in a relationship with a pedophile and he has groomed other women in her sororities. Emily Preibus does know every bouncer and cop in Tigerland which gives him access to underage girls and parties! Marcel Shihadeh has never grown up from being bullied in high school that he has to get an underage girl to make into a build a woman because the women his age thought he was childish and we’re not going to put up with his s**t like Emily Preibus. He can’t handle a grown woman because he said they are all damaged. Well what does he expect them to be if men like him f**k them to ghost them or to f**k them to get them pregnant to not take care of his kids or to ghost and f**k because he was bored with them. He can’t except them to be virgin like Emily Preibus who he teaches her do sexual acts as well as dress her exactly like to look cooycats of his other exes. He has groomed Emily Preibus into being every ex girlfriend and hoes that he has f****d with. Emily Preibus is content with being a build a woman for Marcel Shihadeh as well as the woman who helped him get those underage girls to be in their onlyfans. Emily Preibus and Marcel Shihadeh follows only kids on their social media! Marcel Shihadeh follows the autistic kids on his social media that he tutored to sleep with them! Marcel Shihadeh has a mentally disabled kink! He likes to pray on the mentally I’ll and challenge so he can groom them or used them to get clout if they’re famous or more money because he loves money! He could never get enough of money!

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