January 24, 2022

Emily Preibus

EMILY PREIBUS LOOSE P***Y AND STANK P***Y B***H WHO CAN’T EVEN MUCH SUCK D**K BUT HAS F**K EVERYONE ON THE LSU CAMPUS! EMILY PREIBUS UGLY BASIC A*S B***H! EMILY PREIBUS THE COPYCAT who fake her whole GLOW UP just for the attention of others. Emily Preibus was never picked on in her life. She never was bullied for her features while growing up or now. Everyone loves her for being a white girl who has blue eyes, skinny, and blonde hair who thumps the Bible and pretend to be nice towards everyone, but she is really a b***h and a high maintenance w***e! She loves to used her white woman tears to play victim like the way her narcissist a*s boyfriend Marcel Shihadeh has taught her to do. She doesn’t know how to defend and stand up for herself. Whenever she has problems get she all of he friends and family involved to solve her problems instead of herself. She used her looks to get out of any situation. Men only like her because she weighs under 130 pounds, over 5’4, long blonde hair that goes almost to her a*s, blue eyes, straight hair, no acne, no tats or piercings, the b***h only drinks and pops addys, she is boring b***h that doesn’t smoke weed or eat shrooms or even much do psychedelics or cokey bump bump! Her social media is just lame basic boring white girl s**t to appealed her basic b***h audience like her husband Marcel Shihadeh audiences is the kids that they groomed and f**k that are under 18!

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