January 24, 2022

Emily Preibus I cursed you to have either a miscarriage, stillborn, or you died giving birth and your child dies in birth

Emily Preibus I cursed you to fall down a flight of stairs and you have a miscarriage. Emily Preibus I cursed you to never be fertile to have kids after your miscarriage. Emily Preibus I cursed your fetus to never be able to carry children full term. Emily Preibus I cursed you to have kids […]

Marcel Shihadeh The Worthless Piece of S**t B*****d Who Can’t Get Over Being Excluded from Everything and Having Friends as well as being Bullied at Baton Rouge Magnet High IS Why He is A F*****g Pedophile Who Is 27 Following 18 year olds on his social media as well as grooming his current girlfriend Emily Preibus who is 19 and the Blondie naive b*****s that are just like her that are under 19!

Actor Marcel Shihadeh has a laptop work computer with kiddie p**n in it! Marcel Shihadeh is madly obsessed with little girls. He has a child fetish. His girlfriend Emily Preibus has been groomed by him as well as her friends. Marcel Shihadeh doesn’t have any friends who at his age because everyone knows he has […]

RIP The Legendary Bob Faget I amena Saget from your fan famous celebrity actor Marcel Shihadeh and his girlfriend IMG Model, TikTok Influencer, and Instagram Model Emily Preibus

He would’ve been nice person to meet since I’m a famous actor who is a fan of his work! Wowzies the man really did commit suicide in his Ritz Carlton room. Like mental health is really a real thing. He is a white person with money and he could’ve gotten helped for his mental illness. […]

Mista Marcel Shihadeh the wannabe up and coming actors who is only famous because when you search his name on Google it shows that he is an actor

Mista Marcel Shihadeh the F*****g drink alcoholic who is immature that can’t handle his own responsibilities. The only reason he is with that Emily Preibus tiktok model is because he is grown a*s man who hasn’t mature enough to be around grown ups so he has to be with college hoes to full F**k his […]