January 24, 2022

Actor Marcel Shihadeh and Actress/TikTok influencer Emily Preibus

The only reason Marcel Shihadeh is in his relationship with Emily Preibus is because she protects him from the witchcraft that is place on him. If he wasn’t cursed for doing f**k up s**t to people then he wouldn’t even much be in that relationship with her. He will never break up with her because she is holy, his guardian Angel, and a light worker sent to place him on the right track. I’m quite sure y’all notice since he has been in that relationship with Emily Preibus his life prosper with happiness, new friends that are a couple like them, as well as in spite of him being a pedophile who grooms little girls he is well respected in the film community. Everyone knows who is Marcel Shihadeh and Emily Preibus. They’re both TikTok and Instagram influencers. Emily Preibus has made Marcel Shihadeh famous through her energy and presents. If Emily Preibus was to die then Marcel Shihadeh would lose all of his fortune and he will not be protected from the witchcraft. Marcel Shihadeh could never be cursed just as longest he hangs on tight to Emily Preibus holy light. Emily Preibus can’t be tempted to get out of the light to be cursed unless she came across a dark priestess or a high priestess that is trained and skill to curse her energy. Emily Preibus has been baptized and Marcel Shihadeh has never been baptized which is easier for him to curse but it’s harder now since he holding on to her energy. They have been living together for year as well as she has failed pregnancies and abortions even though she is going against her religion being on birth control as well as abortions. She has been forgiven because she never miss a day of praying, wearing her cross, splashing in holy water and going to church. Emily Preibus is not a w***e and is of pure light that is why Marcel Shihadeh will cling tight to her. She will never leave Marcel Shihadeh because she is the type of woman who was groom to save men. She believes in losing herself to save these men because she believes in miracles in everyone. Emily Preibus is the type to die and go down with her pedophile boyfriend who is soon to be her child’s father because she is six months pregnant and she is hiding her pregnancy from everyone except him. You can’t curse the fetus of someone holy unless you practice light and dark magic like a high priestess! Emily Preibus can’t be cursed as long as her soul isn’t tainted to do Satan s**t, she doesn’t question her religion and she has a wonderful relationship with G*d. She has taught Marcel Shihadeh to be a Jesus Nut just like her to love G*d that is the reason he can’t be cursed and he is rich with his acting career taking off extremely quick because of his wife Emily Preibus energy. Marcel Shihadeh is an energy vampire. He is not of light, but became only of light due to her. Emily Preibus is actually his karma not his enemy. Her witchcraft can’t do s**t in comparison to him F*****g over a woman of G*d like Emily Preibus. He will get his karma if he ever f***s up that relationship which no one can’t because their relationship is divine and they’re spiritually protected. Emily Preibus is not the type to sell her soul for Hollywood, but she will do it for Marcel Shihadeh to have his fame in the films. Emily Preibus has already sold her soul to Marcel Shihadeh that is the reason he is making it in film and he will never be in poverty. If they were to break up Emily Preibus will die due to her selling her soul to Marcel Shihadeh because he is cursed! Her prayers only work just as longest they are in a relationship together and they have children together. As soon as they break up then she will die and the children will always be sick to die as well with every cat that he gets are cursed to die because he is cursed! Emily Preibus is basically his G*d protecting him. Their relationship is protected as long as Emily Preibus continues to lose herself, be quiet, and sit there to look pretty because she is his eye candy trophy wife! If Emily Preibus was to cheat on Marcel Shihadeh then she will die because of giving her soul to protect Marcel Shihadeh from all the witchcraft that was place upon him. Her guiding light of G*d is keeping them both alive! They have no choice to be in that relationship as well as have kids if they want to live, keep their money, if Marcel Shihadeh wants to become of famous actor and director in film, if Emily Preibus wants to be a famous actress and TikTok influencer. There is a lot of stuff at risk if they were to break up. All kinds of chaos will happen to sue to Marcel Shihadeh being cursed! What is ironic is Emily Preibus doesn’t know that she has given her soul to Marcel Shihadeh. They are soul mates, twin flames and divine masculine and feminine journey relationship! There relationship is a learning lesson, cursed, and a blessing. It’s a curse to Emily Preibus and a blessing to Marcel Shihadeh, but it’s a lesson for them both! Marcel Shihadeh is willing to sell his soul to Emily Preibus if had one. His soul is with his enemy! His enemy taken his soul through the witchcraft! Marcel Shihadeh knows that but he will never tell Emily Preibus none of this nor his family or friends. He will take it to grave that he really pretending to be in love with Emily Preibus because she can protect him and give him the life that he always dream of. She is currently making all of his dreams come true which is something that none of his exes and hoes could do! Just look at Marcel Shihadeh versus his enemies,
Exes, and hoes. He is doing well as soon as his enemies, exes, and hoes start to do better than him that means Emily Preibus is going to leave him and he is back cursed for the rest of his life on witchcraft with losing everything and everyone in his life. Marcel Shihadeh is not stupid he is going to do anything to keep Emily Preibus in his energy because he doesn’t want the witchcraft to hit him. Emily Preibus just want clout and some man to love her and to fixed a man that can’t be changed!

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